What Does Hospice Provide?


  • Personalized education and teaching that enables families to knowledgeably care for their loved ones in the comfort of their own home with step-by-step guidance from a team of healthcare professionals.
  • Our care is delivered wherever the patient calls “home”: private residence, skilled nursing facility, assisted / independent living, or inpatient facility like a hospital.
  • Medicines, medical equipment, and supplies (like briefs, pads, gloves, and wipes) relating to the patient’s terminal illness.

  • An individualized plan of care created for the unique needs of each patient. The needs of no two patients are alike, therefore our physicians, nurses, medical social workers, and spiritual care counselors all contribute ideas and input on how to best provide comfort care for each of our patients.
  • Patients continue to have the ability to make decisions about their care. The Affinity Hospice team will listen carefully to the wishes and preferences of the patient and family and provide as much or as little care as is desired. Patients may ask their family doctor to continue directing their care in hospice, or may request that Affinity Hospice’s medical director serve in that role.
  • The services of hospice physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical social workers, spiritual care counselors (chaplains), hospice aides, homemakers, and volunteers as needed.
  • Relieves the family of the burden of taking the patient to the doctor or hospital. All care is managed in the comfort of home. When questions arise, you simply place one call to Affinity Hospice and our team of professionals does the rest! However, if the patient would like to continue seeing their family doctor in his / her office for conditions unrelated to their hospice diagnosis, they may do so.
  • After the conclusion of hospice care, our team continues to support the family during their time of bereavement by providing grief education resources and grief support. Affinity Hospice also hosts annual memorial services honoring the memories of each of our patients who have passed in the previous year.